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Feb 17, 2013 2:00am PST
size of 20 football fields. nasa says it's the biggs meteor to hit the earth in more than 100 years. one piece is believed to created a huge hole in this frozen lake. drivers are searching for fragments. meteor hunters would like to get their hands on a piece of the rofnlgt it could be pretty valuable, depending hundred big it is. >> there's no doubt that millions and million of dollars in value, pieces, fell to the earth. >> hours after the meteor hit russia, scientists said the asteroid missed the earth by only 17,000 miles, coming closer than satellites and late friday night, fire ball lit up the sky over san francisco. it turn out to be a meteor or shooting star, nothing to do with the one in russia. >> ama: new at 11:00, an east bay man suffered only minor cuts after losing control of his brand new motorcycle and slamming into a house. the incident happened in antioch this evening. police said the man was on his driveway, doing some sort of maneuver with the bike, when he lost control. the 2013 harley davidson smashed through the wall of the neighbor's house and into a garage.
Feb 18, 2013 2:00am PST
. tonight we learned from nasa it was traveling at 46,000 miles per hour when it crashed. now no, sirly as fast -- now nearly as fast people on the internet are trying to make money on their finds. >> reporter: the meteor exploded in midair. the force of 30 hiroshima bombs. it scattered glass across the region and scattering fragments worth big money for anyone who finds them. tonight scientists have confirmed the first fragments found near this hole in a frozen lake where a big chunk landed. media says it is worth 100 to 100,000 depending on size. already they are showing up on ebay. this one is going for $4090. this one is going -- $490 and this one under a thousand. notice how they don't look anything alike? >> that's it right there? >> reporter: he found a tiny rock he thinks is part of the meteor. he found it on the frozen lake. the hole has become something of a tourist attraction. people streaming in to see it for themselves. more conspiracy folks have suggested this is an american rocket attack or an alien space invasion. but others have found a more divine interpretation. the f
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2